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Owner/Ed Tantalizing Tales. Top writer Fiction/Short Stories. Don’t like to follow rules. Appreciate individuals. Twitter @more_matters email
Sleeping black cat
Image by Vicky Prince from Pixabay

“Auntie Em, tell us a scary story from when you were young.”

“Oh, it’s a long time since then. But…” I paused for effect. “Perhaps you’d like to hear about the night I learned what was under my bed?”

I was deafened by the shrill of young voices screeching, “yes.”…

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Five signets following mother swan
Copyright May More

I’ve published many stories since my Journey on Medium began in January 2021. Time for an index, I think!

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An existential story

A man and women in bed
Photo by Damir Spanic on Unsplash

I stir as the gulls hovering above the house shriek the start of a new day on their way down to the shore.

Prematurely awakened from their siren, I stretch my legs and push shoulders back into the cushioned mattress. Then my hand automatically reaches down to soothe my cock…

Not everyone calls me May but that is definitely who I am.

A woman looking out to sea
Copyright May More

I was recently accepted to write for Illumination and wanted my first story to be an introduction to May More. So as not to repeat my previous biography, written for About Me Stories, today I will answer the good old –

Who, What, When, Why, Where, and How questions regarding…

Woman laying in a bubble bath
Image by inna mikitas from Pixabay

No matter what I did or how I titillated my clit, the big ‘O’ never happened.

When I was about eighteen a friend of mine got hold of an ancient porn movie. One of those from the era when porn was all about men with huge cocks and women with a perm where their slit should be. The film told the tale of some chick who…

Shame and thinking of myself as a victim goes out the window

May More standing in the doorway of a derelict building covered in ivy.
Copyright May More

Self reflection is definitely good for the soul, and week three of KTHT Spooktober prompt provided some great questions to do just that.

It came at a good time for me. I have been physically healing over the last four months and this process has taken up my energies. But…

He kissed me, while securing my hands above my head to the bed board

A window looking out on Greek rooftops and the blue  sea
Image by yasioo from Pixabay

This true tale happened about five or six summers ago. Memories from those years are bathed in a wonderful dreamy, glow. Still very vivid, yet they now have a far-away feel to them. I am so glad my partner and I explored many different places and ideas back then. …

You get to regulate my stimulation.

A naked couple embrace while outside fireworks are exploding.
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

So, let me get this right. We go to the pub for the night, and while we are there you put this in your cunt.” Rick holds up the round end of the sex toy.

Yeah. It’s called a rocket. Then we sit close with the end that controls the…

A sketch of a woman’s face

Twenty-six years ago,
Just before I had kids,
I lived with Seb who would father them.
We rented a house from his dad, Dan.

I had a fabulous relationship with his mum, Vi.
We went out together regularly.
I think I loved her more than I did Seb. …

This girl is half his age

The view is of a library where a space between books shows a man and woman smiling at each other
Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

I went to see ‘The Police’ in concert once.

My favourite song of theirs is, “Don’t stand so close to me.” It is about a teacher who lusts after one of his students.

It reminds me of strange times from my school days. …

May More

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