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Curate Tantalizing Tales. Passionate about writing. Don’t like to follow rules. Appreciate individuals. Twitter @more_matters.
Image by Andrew Martin on Pixabay

Fiction Friday

I’m the catcher. I have to catch ’em before they fall.

Le’me start at the beginning.

Mum was from a right posh ol’ family and married this regular geezer, Dad, from the East end of London. Love, you see. Can do strange things to ya — so they say. Anyways, she was always right as rain with him. Her brother, me Uncle, was a bit of a loner. I used to stay with him during the school holidays. Nice man. Gay, like. Taught me to play chess. …

Image of May More out on the moors — Copyright May More

More about May

I love writing. Full stop. Fiction, real life, sexy, romantic, dark, serious — you name it I want to do it

I am May More. That is my pen name but is also very much — me — who I am. Who I was and, who I have become.

Let me explain.

May More existed long before I opened this Medium account last year. And she also existed before my blog — Sex Matters — was online in 2017. Those of you who have my email address will know that the name on the account is C More, or C May More. And the fact is, that was my name at birth. …

Multiple families enjoying time on a beach at sunset
Multiple families enjoying time on a beach at sunset
Photo by Tyler Nix on Unsplash

Lifestyle, Relationships

If we‘d’ been bold enough to explore the polyamorous route, perhaps the relationship could have lasted longer.

Polyamorous relationships appear to be rising in popularity — they are trending and trendy. The question is, can this lifestyle last a lifetime?

Those who are in a polyamorous relationship have an intimate, romantic, and/or sexual relationship with more than one person.

I have been writing about lifestyle topics for a few years now. The main reason I embarked on such a venture was because I enjoy reflecting on different ways of living, but it had also become clear to me that many couples don’t appear to be benefiting from a healthy, fulfilling sexual bond. …


The Magician & The Queen of Hearts

Copyright May More

I wrote this poem as a gift to my partner for helping me through some difficult times a few years ago. It is really the story of us…

The style was inspired by this amazing song by Bob Dylan — Lily, Rosemary, and the Jack of Hearts. I adore the way Bob Dylan can write an incredibly well-written poem and then turn it into a song. This one is so detailed I could imagine the story being used to create a movie. If you don’t know it I would really recommend you have a read of the lyrics.

Three of…

pestle and morter
pestle and morter
Copyright May More

Micro Monday, Historic Fiction, Flash Sequel

Ever constant, be it crushing spices or fucking, always ready, alert, always hard, ever at hand.

Cousin Pons flash fiction was from the woman’s view point. Here I retell the story as the pestle and add a little more delicious detail.

Have you ever written from the POV of an object before? It is a good challenge.

Without complaint my precious mortarium accepts the pounding I bestow with my thick spherical knob. Both of us adore creating sensual aromas from our perfect pairing. Me the provoker, she the willing receptacle, glad to receive. …

The Love Lock Bridge in Bakewell, Peak District, taken by the author — May More

Freedom for You, Freedom for Me

Short Story

To normalise this whole situation he began to erect his tripod and adjust the lighting.

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

Every day on my way to the office I pass the City University and am not just reminded of how my degree enabled me to to be hired for the well payed position I hold at the Merchant bank. No. My cunt never fails to summon me back to a memory from the end of my first year. Just thinking about it dampens my panties and colours my mind.

It was the summer semester and the money from my student loan and bursary was running low. I’d secured a job over the holiday break but still had to pay my…

An oversized hand squeezing a woman
An oversized hand squeezing a woman
Image by akiragiulia from Pixabay


Surely, real discipline and punishment is carried out on a day to day basis , where perhaps the recipient is not even aware it is occurring.

Recently I was pondering over the kink topic of discipline and punishment and momentarily decided that I didn’t really know too much about it. However, once I let my brain meander into general relationship dynamics I decided that there was more to this topic than meets the eye…

Musings about everyday Discipline and Punishment

It seems most relationships work on a transactional basis — an exchange of sorts. The more balanced the exchange, the healthier the partnership. In the past I have been involved with a couple of men who let me rule the roost. It can be a nice place to be, temporarily. …

Jazz trumpet player
Jazz trumpet player
Photo by Chris Bair on Unsplash

Music, Tribute

He played trumpet the way people sing, and when he sang it sounded like a mellow trumpet.

This post is a tribute to Chet Baker (1929–1988). If you don’t know who he is be prepared to be wowed by his musical brilliance.

Unique Skill

Chet (Chesney Henry Baker) was hugely influenced by the 1940s big bands. And in my life Chet has given me so much joy with his music.

His skill as a trumpet player was unique. He played trumpet the way people sing, and when he sang it sounded like a mellow trumpet. If you don’t believe me you must listen to his work. (Video at bottom of this story.)

Beautiful Chet

He was one of those beautiful young…


Fourteen on brand stories

Here at Tantalizing Tales we have a feature page where we include some of our Totally Tantalizing stories. The kind of fiction that you have to read to the very end.

Our Brand

Posy and I love to promote well written, beguiling short stories, with an intriguing edge, different POV, twist or supernatural element to them. If they are erotic too, even better. But we prefer the sexiness to be part of the plot not instead of a plot.

This newsletter will showcase a few more tales that match our brand…

Totally Tantalizing

If you are viewing this as an email please click view…

May More

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