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I started going through her wardrobe and borrowing a few of her dresses

A 1920 woman’s profile
Image by Oberholster Venita from Pixabay

Some family members can have a deep, lasting effect on a person's view of life and how to behave. Where my Gran was concerned, her influence was definitely a positive one. Her attitude to life was inspiring…

My Gran, Stella, was born in 1904. She was my Mum’s parent. …

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Five signets following mother swan
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I’ve published many stories since my Journey on Medium began in January 2021. Time for an index, I think!

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Man wearing white, sheer panties.
Image used by kind permission of Jacques

My hand crept up his skirt… Stockings. What a turn on.

Why wouldn’t a girl want her fella to wear pretty clothes like her? Getting the best of both worlds. A warm, hard cock and lingerie to share.

Years ago, a guy I was dating surprised me by turning up at my place dressed in women’s clothes. Sitting on the sofa…

May More

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